Adult Forum Series

Faithful Resistance in the Chicago Suburbs

The gospel of Jesus Christ is one that calls us to a very particular way of life, one that does not fit comfortably with the cultures, societies, governments, and empires of the world. The early Christian church understood this all too well, as they gathered in resistance to a Roman empire that reserved power and wealth for an elite few (the 1%, we might say today) and showed very little concern for the well-being of the rest. Unfortunately, the church has not remained faithful to this vision of the Christian community as a place of resistance, but thanks to growing awareness about economic inequality, racial injustice, xenophobia, and other pressing social issues, we are learning again today what resistance means. Many Christians have a strong sense that we have a calling and responsibility to stand with the marginalized and be an agent of social transformation. In this new series called “Faithful Resistance in the Chicago Suburbs”—modeled loosely after the book, Faithful Resistance: Gospel Visions for the Church in a Time of Empire by Rick Ufford-Chase—we will explore why the church should be a place of resistance and how the church can engage in political advocacy and transformation in our present situation. 

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