Diocese of Renk, South Sudan


In 2006 the Church of the Holy Nativity decided to support a priest in this Diocese of Renk, Sudan. This southern Sudanese Diocese is located at the border between the fractious north and south in Africa's largest country, which has been wracked by civil war for nearly 40 of the 51 years of the nation's independence from British rule. A fragile foothold of peace has been established in southern Sudan and we are fortunate to have a direct, personal means of helping strengthen it by investing in Christian leadership development and the rebuilding of social structure in Renk.

Diocese of Southeast Mexico


The Diocese of Chicago formed a companion relationship with the Diocese of Southeast Mexico in 2001 for five years, and twice renewed the relationship at the 2006 and 2011 Annual Conventions.Formed in 1989, the Diocese of Southeast Mexico, the newest and smallest of the five dioceses in the Anglican Church of Mexico, has 12 clergy serving over 2,000 members in 20 missions and preaching stations.

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