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Styrofoam Collection


This is an on-going collection (relocated to the lower level stairwell inside the main doors). Leave clean styrofoam items in the designated bins. Larger items can be left on the floor. NOTE: NO PACKING PEANUTS OR FOAM WRAP ACCEPTED. A member of CHN's Green Team will transport the items to Western Springs Rec Center the first Saturday of each month.


Environmental Tips to Promote CHN Stewardship of Earth!

The Green Team wants to help our CHN community in their efforts to go green by periodically including educational information in our weekly emails. In our first segment, we’d like to connect you with up-to-date recycling information for our community:

  • Clarendon Hills: Republic; see city guide here and Republic guide here. Curbside takes paper, plastics (water & soda bottles, take out containers), metal cans & glass.

  • Burr Ridge: Groot; see city guide here and Groot guide here. Curbside takes paper, plastics (all types), metal cans & pots & pans, glass (brown, green, and clear), and wax-coated cartons.

  • Darien: No info found – if you live in Darien and can provide some guidance, please contact Heidi.

  • Hinsdale: Republic; see city guide here. Curbside takes paper, plastics (#1-5 and 7), aluminum cans and clean foil, tin/aerosol cans. Doesn’t mention if glass is accepted.

  • Westmont: Waste Management; see guide here. Curbside takes paper, plastics, metal cans & glass.

  • Willowbrook: Groot; see city guide here and Groot guide here. Some differences from Burr Ridge even though both are Groot.

  • General info on recycling from DuPage County (electronics, batteries, etc.) is available here.  

For all recycling, remember DON’T bundle in plastic bags (or “keep it loose”)! Plastic bags damage sorting machines.

Questions or want to join Green Team? Email 
Heidi Hartmann.   

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