Taize Prayer Service

A Service of Song, Silence & Candlelight

Several times a year, Church of the Holy Nativity invites people to come together to meditate and pray through music. Through simple songs, readings, candlelight and silent prayer, Taizé worship becomes a way of listening to God. Simple songs are sung by the congregation and accompanied by cantors and instruments, such as clarinet, piano, guitar and flute. The songs use simple phrases repeated over and over, until the songs become prayer, a mantra.


Taizé began in France as an ecumenical community of brothers from Catholic and Protestant faiths who fled to France from different European countries during WWII. Brother Roger wrote and found simple music that helped calm the refugees and enabled them to sing in their own languages. May this calm and beautiful service be a blessing to you.  


For more information about Taizé, visit the Taizé website.

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