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About Us

Church of the Holy Nativity is a diverse community committed to making our church a place of welcome and nurture for all people. We are singles and families, young and old, conservative and progressive, gay and straight and from many nations. We believe such diversity brings God closer to us and us closer to God, the Creator and Lover of all. All are welcome here.


We find unity as we share the Body of Christ and become the Body of Christ. The celebration of Holy Communion, the sharing of a common meal of bread and wine, is at the center of Church of the Holy Nativity’s worship. At a worship service, you will sing anything from traditional hymns to gospel or jazz tunes. You will say prayers both familiar and words to inspire your imagination to behold the mystery of God. Church of the Holy Nativity is a church grounded in tradition, yet ever inspired by God’s creative presence and power to welcome the new.

Whether a spiritual seeker, a seasoned disciple, a skeptic or a saint, all are welcome. Come as you are. Church of the Holy Nativity might be a place of support, inspiration, guidance and growth for you, so that empowered by a community of faith, you may claim and use your God-given gifts to make this world a better place.

The Mission of the Church of the Holy Nativity

A Community of Christian Love 

Called to Grow

Sent to Serve

Every Member a Priest

Every Work a Worship


Clergy & Sermons

Staff Linboom.jpg

The Rev. Bradley A. Linboom


2021-03-28 Palm Sunday
2021-04-04 Easter

The Rev. Rose Cicero


2019-08-25 Morning Prayer

The Rev. Dr. Sandra Siegel Miller


2020-02-23 Epiphany 7
2022-03-13 Lent II
2021-04-11 Easter 02
2021-04-18 Easter 03
2021-05-16 Easter 07



Marianne Thompson

Director of Music Ministries

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