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Sat on the Rocks

Knowing Jesus in a New Way

After you watch the video below, I have some wondering questions that can help facilitate some open-ended conversation. 


For younger children:

I wonder what your favorite part of this story is?

I wonder where you are in this story?

I wonder if you have ever seen a big mystery?


For older children (or if you want to try these with your younger children, feel free!):

I wonder what it was like to go into Jesus' tomb?

I wonder how Mary felt when Jesus died?

I wonder how she felt when Jesus was not there?

I wonder what Mary felt when she heard Jesus call her name?

I wonder how it felt to recognize Jesus by his absence?

I wonder how Jesus' friends felt when he died?

I wonder how they knew Jesus was alive? Or how they knew the person was Jesus?

I wonder what it felt like to recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread?

I wonder if you have been close to bread like this?

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