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Vacation Bible School 2023

July 24 - 27 (Monday-Thursday)
*5:00 - 7:00 pm

(*light meal provided at 5:00)

With a grand finale:
Sunday, July 30, 9:30 - 11:30 am

Children ages three (preschool) through 5th grade are invited to join us for Changemakers Lab, an interactive Vacation Bible School where children learn that everyone can make a difference in the world! We’ll explore five Bible stories with examples of people who experienced and brought about change in the world around them. 

These people provide a model for asking hard questions, working together to solve problems, reaching across differences, caring for all people, and imagining a new world. Through worship and drama, Bible study, STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, art, math), and active games, children are invited to see and experience the transforming love of God. ALL are welcome! There is no cost to attend. 

Key elements in the Changemakers Lab curriculum:

  • Relationship building: As children arrive at VBS each day, small group leaders guide children in activities designed to build community and create a feeling of belonging.

  • Centrality of the Bible story: The Bible story is shared and explored in multiple ways each day—through drama, scripture memorization, hands-on activities, music, full-body movement, writing, art, and reflection.

  • Wondering questions: Children are invited to reflect on the Bible stories using open-ended wondering questions. These questions show a respect for children’s interpretations and their ideas.

  • Discovery-based learning: Activities in the three response stations promote creative, discovery-based learning.

  • Child-centered approach: Activities are child-centered and attend to individual learning styles. The curriculum materials anticipate the diversity of needs that children have.

  • Invitation to respond: Children are challenged to take action that demonstrates care for others and for the world.

Questions? Contact Rachel


Day 1

How Is This Possible? 

John 3:1–17. Nicodemus was supposed to have all the answers, but instead he was full of questions. As it turned out, questions were exactly what he needed to ask Jesus so he could change and grow—and they’re where we need to start too.

Spark for Change: Changemakers ask questions.

Day 2

Who Will Fix It? 

Mark 2:1–12. What do you do with a problem that looks too big to solve? Meet five friends who found a creative way to work together and change a problem into an opportunity. Maybe you’ll be inspired to change your approach to a problem too.

Spark for Change: Changemakers work together to solve problems.


Day 3

Will There Be Enough? 

Acts 2:42–47; 4:32–37. Can you imagine a world where everyone has enough—enough food, enough money, enough love? The early church did more than imagine this—they changed the way they lived to help make sure their neighbors had what they needed. Don’t miss this amazing story!

Spark for Change: Changemakers respond to the needs of others.

Day 4

What Are We Building? 

Acts 10. Peter and Cornelius were separated by different languages, religions, and backgrounds. Separated, that is, until God’s Holy Spirit built a bridge between them! How can YOU be a bridge-builder? Stay tuned to find out!

Spark for Change: Changemakers build bridges.


Grand Finale - Sunday, July 30

Can You Imagine? 

Isaiah 65:17–25. It’s time to dream BIG! The prophet Isaiah sure did—God gave him a dream of a world with no crying or sickness, where even wild animals get along and look out for each other. What kind of world do you dream of?

Spark for Change: Changemakers create a new kind of world.

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